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Vajrasattva Mantra


"Om Vajrasattva Hum"



The primordial sound which gave rise to the universe. The primal sound form which the universe emanates; the inner essence of all mantras. Also written aum. It contains the essence of all sound.

The bodhisattva of purification, representing the purity of awareness or ultimate reality. He is also called the primordial Buddha of all mandalas (magical diagrams) and the divine illusion of clear light and absolute awareness. (See vajra and sattva.)

vajra (Sanskrit) literally means ‘diamond’ or ‘thunderbolt’. The vajra is a mystical reference to the indestructible qualities and reflective powers of the diamond. It is also said that the one possessing this diamond thunderbolt possesses great spiritual, intellectual and psychic powers.

Sattva (Sanskrit) is defined as the true essence, spiritual essence, reality or true being. Sattva is the quality of truth, reality, purity.